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Decorative stone tiles for garden

Wonderful tiles for the garden and field area surface. Each “Realit” system includes about 20 colour and pattern variations. You can choose the style and colour scheme that will characterize the exclusive spirit of your home.

“Relief” decorative stone tiles

The activities of people’s everyday live often deal with the stone. Stone has always wondered us with its diversity, quality and influence; it also has always been used as a construction material. Due to the technological development of the humanity, it became possible to use this material even wider. Throughout ages stone was a challenging material for architects who distinguished its beauty, value and the implementation possibilities.

Relief frontside stone is a small flat tiles which replace and reconstruct natural stone by preserving its beauty, aesthetical value and can perform the same functions as stone does. It is easy to use and transport. Mounting is very simple – all you need is an adhesive solution.

Relief represents the new quality level in the stone tile market. Thanks to its quality it is possible to make walls or even separate sections of different kinds with natural stone appearance.

Relief stone tiles are relatively slim tiles (1-3 cm). The finishing process of the tiles does not differ from a usual one. You do not need any special knowledge or skills to mount these tiles. The tiles are resistant to all atmospheric phenomena, are frost and fire resistant and have high mechanical durability, there is also no need to care about them.

Relief stone tiles are manufactured in accordance with the ISSO 9001 International Standard. Relief technical parameters are defined by: PN-B-11203, PN-EN-206-1, ZN-03/BB-PE-01. In accordance with these parameters the tightening resistance of the tiles is defined by class B-25, moisture absorption ability is lower than 8%, frost resistance F 125. The similarity to natural stone speaks about its high quality.

Relief Company offers extremely wide range of stone tiles both for front side and inner surfaces. Romalit, Jura, Monorit, Oval, Celtik and Klinkerit have more than 30 different mixed colour tones. Romalit can be placed in the row arrangement, Monorit and Klinkerit can also be mounted without seams. All tile groups from the assortment offered have corner tiles. All of them are provided also with additional window and door frame mounting accessories, fireplace tiles, and tiles for roofs, walls and pillars.

Relief tiles can be used both for inner and outer walls, on old and new buildings, on the traditional ceramic or on the limestone walls, on the concrete blocks, foam concrete blocks, on simple plaster surface, gypsum, wooden walls (previously it is necessary to install a metal net and put plaster). The foundations of each used wall must be solid and reliable. Relief stone tiles are manufactured from the natural material (silica sand, marble, white or grey Portland concrete, water, colour pigments and modifiers). These tiles allow to save significant amount of money. Savings are caused by low tile price and the mounting activity, especially in comparison with the use of natural stone.

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