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Stretched ceiling


As stretched ceiling material is very light, it is not necessary to mount additional enforcement on the frame, it is stretched inside – the frame can be fixed directly on the wall. The weight of 1m2 approximately equals to 0.17-0.2 kg. Due to its small weight the material is not able to bear additional load, therefore ventilation and illumination systems require separate fixation. Ceiling material gets fixed to the frames, which are mounted on the walls. Minimal space from the covered surface is 2 cm, maximal ceiling area without implementing additional fixation is 50 m2. Special frames and instruments are required to mount the ceilings. If the area does not exceed 25m2, two workers are enough to perform the job.

Different Types:

There is no necessity to perform any preparation activities in the premise to mount the Prestige Design stretched ceiling. Also it is not necessary to stop working activities in the public premises during the stretched ceiling mounting process, consequently no financial loses appear.


Ceiling level must be defined with the help of laser. Mounting line must be increased by 3cm, which is the difference between ceiling and mounting element. Plastic profiles 2.5-3m long are cut in accordance with the wall. The bars are fixed each 20 cm. Inner corner profiles must be cut on 45 degree angle. If the corner is of another angle, it should be recut to be of a corresponding angle. In order to form arch, a bending should be made of modules, which would provide necessary shape. It is necessary to provide t 43-70 degree in the premise, where ceilings will be mounted, this can be achieved by propane-butane gas heating unit of 50 kW power. Under such conditions the ceiling material is very elastic and can be mounted easily. Special tools should be used for mounting. Firstly, ceilings should be stretched along one wall, then along the second one and so on. Fabric is fixed (tucked) with help of special mounting trowel profile. High temperature in the premise should be only in the beginning of mounting process, during its continuation room temperature may be established. Fabric is fixed step by step. During the stretching process fabric partially loses its colour ( ~2-15 %), but later on the fabric levels up, shrinks a bit, and get its colour back in the end of the mounting. This can be explained by the material’s ability to “remember” its previous form. If there is a curve on the slab surface, it must not be visible to a simple eye if the ceiling is less than 50 m2. Ceilings with larger area are to be mounted on several slabs.

Water resistance (Waterproofness)

100% water-resistant. Two-way efficiency – it both protect premise from the inner side, so that moisture and chemical vapours (if are) could not harm the main ceilings and roof structure, and protects premise with its interior from disastrous occurrences like water flood. Water is accumulated on the ceiling fabric and can be removed later, without any damage to the premise. Later on the ceiling material gets back into initial condition absolutely undamaged.

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