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Glass blocks

  1. Glass blocks are characterised by the wide range of size and choice of colour and ornamentation. They can be used in window projecting, dwelling and official premises walls projecting, in stained-glass panels and even in irregular shape walls designing. Glass blocks can be used both for outer and inner walls.
  2. Glass blocks are good heat-insulation material for construction. This results from the rarefied air inside blocks. Moisture resistance is also better in comparison with usual blocks.
  3. the light that enters premise through the glass blocks is soft, sustainable and smooth, it depends on the tone and colour intensity.
  4. Glass blocks are perfect sound-insulation material.
  5. High heat-insulation index provides perfect protection from the water condensate appearance on surface.
  6. Glass blocks usage results in high-durability construction.
  7. High fire-resistance is also one of the glass blocks characteristic features.
  8. Glass blocks design allows to keep it clean easily, but damaged block can be replaced without difficulties.

Transparent blocks provide better outer demonstrativeness so that premise appears more spacious.
The possibility to choose ornamentation is also important, as well as the abilities to reflect light completely and provide diffused light effect within the premise.
By choosing appropriate ornamentation and colour of blocks, it is possible to control light incoming in the premise. In addition, transparent and dimmed blocks are also available. Thanks to special light conductivity glass block walls result with a pleasant climate in the premise.
By choosing corresponding ornamentation, an inverse effect can be achieved, thus creating limited premise which can not be looked through from outside.
Glass blocks are supplied with conclusion elements.


The light that enters premise through glass blocks is soft, sustainable and smooth. Approximate light conductivity index of transparent glass block equals to 75%, concerning normal blocks. Coloured glass blocks light conductivity index is 50% – 70%, depending on the tone and intensity of the colour. When the blocks are used for walls and windows, it is necessary to emphasize functional interconnectivity of the glass blocks. Both incoming light and warmth are regulated.


Glass block is a wonderful sound-insulating material with high light conductivity features. It is hard to find better material of such kind. For instance, glass blocks reduce street-level noise down to the sound level of a quiet workshop – 125 Hz. Thus such block implementation is effective for premises with high noise level, for instance, for factories, for premises near to the noisy streets, airports etc.


High heat-insulation index provides perfect resistance to water condensate accumulation on the surface. For example, condensate will not accumulate on surface even if the temperature within premise would reach 200 C with approximately 60% of moisture and 2,40 C of outside temperature.

Other materials required for glass-concrete construction
Nowadays the most frequently used material for window or wall, ceiling or roof construction mounting, for shop ceiling girder and spherical domes is concrete or cement mortat that is joined with the glass-concrete construction elements after solidification. Usually the most suitable fastening material is a cement mortar that was mixed from the cement corresponding to the appropriate standards, with regard to its transportation and storage conditions. It is not recommended to use quick-drying cement for glass-concrete structure production. It is restricted to mix cements of different origin or add lime to it. While mixing, it is recommended to use approximately 350 kg of cement to produce 1 m3 of readymix concrete. In order to make finishing better it is recommended to use special additives. For roof construction it is recommended to use quick-drying moisture-resistant mix. (water to cement (w/c) index should be approximately 0.25 0.5).

It is essential for ground coat not to include sharp-sided pebbles; it also should not contain more than 2 clay fractions. 0 4 mm small ground fractions better suit for wall and window structures. The size of ground pebbles for ceiling and roof constructions, for roofing girders and spherical domes, bearing walls or window frames depends on the size of construction (maximal ground pebble size equals to two thirds of the frame fitting size or structure fitting size).
Water Concrete production should exclude aggressive environment – the ingredients should not include undesirable natural additives (peat; peat water; etc.) or adulterants (household effluent; chemical adulterants; etc.) and especially water containing undesirable salt elements. The same conditions should be provided for the water to be added during concrete consolidation.
Fitting Steel should be produced in accordance with the standards for common steel quality and current concrete fitting frame. For walls and windows a wire 8mm in diameter is suitable; for ceilings; roofs; spherical domes and roof overlapping the diameter of wire should be up to 10 mm. Fitting wire should not be defiled by clay, fat and so on. Steel fitting should be joined in all corners with wire. Better result can be achieved by using corrosion resistant fitting. Fitting frame production and installation should be made by specialists.
Timber materials (boards, bars and beams) used for casing should be smooth and polished at least from one side.
Distance marks (also referred to as distance crosses). We offer two types of distance crosses – 6 and 10 mm thick, consequently the interspace between glass blocks can be of 6 or 10 mm. Mounting crosses ensure high quality and precision of glass blocks mounting process.
Distance mark advantages:
Accelerates construction works
Allows to put blocks together on the spot in order to control wall’s parameters before concrete is injected.
Guarantees blocks arrangement precision both in vertical and horizontal dimensions.
Excludes mortar leak.
Subjected to moisture never rusts, as it happens, for instance, on kitchens.


SIZE 190x190x80
WEIGHT 2.0 4.0 KG/piece

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